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Prevalence of refractory asthma in population with severe asthma

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Evgeny Kulikov1, Ludmila Ogorodova2, Ivan Deev2, Natalya Kirillova1 and Sergey Fedosenko1
1Division of General Medical Practice, Siberian State Medical University, Tomsk, Russian Federation, 2Division of Faculty Pediatrics, Siberian State Medical University, Tomsk, Russian Federation

Severe persistent asthma is associated with high morbidity, among patients with severe asthma, higher risks can be expected in patients with refractory asthma, but little is known about clinical factors which associated with refractory (therapy-resistant) asthma.

Aims and objectives: To compare prevalence and clinical characteristics of refractory asthma in severe asthma population.

Methods: Prospective, interventional, controlled study in parallel groups with 6 month treatment period was performed. Patients with severe uncontrolled disease and appropriate (GINA) treatment administered were included in the study. According to treatment response patients were aposterior divided according to ATS 200 criteria into groups of severe or refractory asthma.

Results and conclusion: Initially, in the group of refractory asthma worse clinical and functional parameters of asthma course were registered compared with severe asthma. According to our data the prevalence of refractory asthma in population with severe asthma is more than 50%.

Parameter Severe asthma (n=19) Refractory asthma (n=21)
Age, years 47,15±3,20 51,40±2,52
Day symptoms per week 12,45±1,51 21,35±2,13*
Night symptoms per week 2,55±0,47 5,05±1,15
Disease duration, years 9,75±1,94 16,65±1,88*
Age of disease manifestation 33,30±3,91 28,15±3,78
Frequency of emergency calls per year 0,15±0,15 2,60±1,23*
Number of visits to the doctor per year 3,40±1,10 2,95±0,96
FEV1, % 68,10±1,89 61,97±1,97*
PEF, % 73,84±3,56 68,51±2,82
FVC 87,61±2,82 85,10±2,95
Reversibility, %FEV1 24,94±1,96 31,27±2,99
ACT score 15,30±0,58 12,40±0,89*
  • *-p<0.05

  • Clinical characteristics of refractory asthma in comparison with severe asthma

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